□□□□□■ is an art space located in Seidlgasse 14 in the 3rd district of Vienna. Founded in July 2015 by two artists - Reinhold Zisser and Christoph Srb - its a space for contemporary art.
LLLLLL (which is just the letter based writing of □□□□□■) is situated in the viennese off space scene, which means its a non commercial art space and has the goal to show a young art scene and give artists the opportunity to connect each other.

The art space itself is a white cube with about 21 square meters and high walls of about 4 meters height. Next to this space is the studio of Reinhold Zisser and Peter Fritzenwallner. At openings this fifty square meter sized studio is opened and gives all people who visit our exhibitions the opportunity to talk to each other and have a drink and smoke in a less white cube area.
Since winter 2016 there is also a new space right next to the studio. Peter Fritzenwallner founded this small space called "white dwarf projects". (see a link at the links section)


The main exhibtions held, range from curated groupshows as well as solo exhibitions, each of a duration from 4 to 6 weeks. The exhibitions show viennese as well as austrian and international artists.

Between those main exhibitions there is another format named "new works" in which an artist is invited to show his new works in the □□□□□■ space. This formated is less a curated show than an opportunity to have a look into running artistic approches. It takes the idea of an open studio day where you take a look into new works but uses the more accurate display of an white cube.

Artists (single or group) as well as curators interested in our space are always invited to send us material of their works and ideas. Detailed projects, looking for a space to happen as well as portfolio with general information about someones artistic work can be transmitted.

LLLLLL is supported by